Myrrh Oil 15mL

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Historically, myrrh has been used in many ways — from meditation to embalming in ancient Egypt. Modern herbalists frequently recommend myrrh for its cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat. Myrrh is also excellent for calming the skin.

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Product Description

Myrrh has been used in many ways throughout history, from meditation to embalming, in ancient Egypt.  Modern herbalists frequently recommend myrrh for its cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat.   It’ also excellent for calming the skin.

Myrrh resin is obtained from the branches and twigs of the Myrrh shrub or tree.  It has been used as a remedy for numerous infections, including leprosy and syphilis. It is used as an aid to help tooth decay and gum disease. Other uses include arthritis, bronchitis, colds, cough, and digestive issues.  Further, it stimulates the immune system and also stimulates blood circulation that can relieve pain, subduing swelling and promoting tissue regeneration. Myrrh’s astringent and analgesic properties aid with hemorrhoids.  DōTerra Myrrh Essential Oil is of the botanical family Burseraceae, grown in Ethiopia and taken from the gum resin of this tree.

Suggested Uses

Use gargling or oil-pushing for Myrrh’s effects on the mouth, gums, and throat.  Can be applied topically for antiseptic needs, pain relief, and swelling of cuts, wounds, or bruises. and 1-2 drops is recommended in ¼ cup of water or with agave or honey can help with stomach aches or to ease coughing or tonsillitis.  Apply topically to the chest at the onset of cold or flu.  Apply neat, or with a carrier directly to hemorrhoid or use in a sit bath.

Precautions – Pregnant women should consult with their health care professional before using this product.

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