Fennel Oil (sweet) 15mL

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Used for centuries because of its many health benefits, fennel essential oil has pronounced antioxidant properties and is considered a tonic. It is often used to relieve indigestion (supporting the healthy functions of the stomach), aiding in any kind of digestive trouble and to support improvements of the lymphatic system. Fennel’s sweet yet spicy aroma is balancing and may bring to mind the smell of liquorice.

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Fennel has been used for its helpful properties for ages.  Anciently it was thought to ward off evil spirits, in Roman times it was a symbol of strength and courage. Additionally even then it was known for its properties to sooth the digestive system and other ailments including curbing the appetite and snake bites.  The essential oil is steam distilled from the pulverized seeds (more correctly the fruit) of the Fennel plant.  The oil’s aroma is anise-like (or licqorice-like) with a sweet pleasant flagrance.

Fennel ingested in a tea, added to water, or in a capsule can be an immediate help for indigestion, constipation, flatulence and other digestive system problems. For chronic digestive concerns add Fennel to the regular use of the TerraZyme supplement for a gentle way to make improvements. Simply add 2 – 3 drops of Fennel to a glass of water and drink daily.

Beyond digestive problems Fennel is an important oil in a number of blends that address a wide range of health concerns including hormonal balance, kidney failure, milk increase, and weight loss.  In these cases application can be topical, with massage, and/or in baths.

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