Eucalyptus Radiata Oil 15mL

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Because of the many influential compounds found in eucalyptus, it is a key ingredient in cough and throat medicines and chest ointments. Eucalyptus is used widely both for its calming and clearing properties as well as to ease breathing.

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Eucalyptus has long been know by herbal practioners for its insect repellant properties and associated maladies such as fevers and respiratory conditions. Beyond this the antibacterial and antiviral properties make it beneficial in not only treating symptoms but underlying causes as well.  As with many oils it can blend with others and the resulting fragrance can add a sense of calming aand well-being which adds a bonus in any health issue.

Diffusing Eucalyptus will benefit respiratory problems and will also help disinfect a living area preventing the spread of bacterial or viral agents to others.  For individual respiratory conditions or coughs inhaling the oil directly or breathing vapours from a cup of warm water with a few drops added is usually beneficial.  Also an prepared ointment or dilution with a carrier can be applied topically to the chest or throat area.  Apply Eucalyptus to the chest easing congestion and alleviating persistent cough.

Eucalyptus can also be diluted and massaged over the abdomen to relieve diarrhea, stomach ache or indigestion.

Precautions – Pregnant women should consult with their health care professional before using this product.

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– Eucalyptus can be diluted and used in massage to alleviate arthritis or back pain. It can also be diluted and massaged over the abdomen to relieve diarrhoea, stomach ache or indigestion.

– Eucalyptus radiata can also be used in the following ways:

– Rub one drop of eucalyptus oil on the outside and back of the ear (never use essential oils inside the ears), to relieve an earache.

– Put a few drops of eucalyptus in a diffuser, to assist with bronchitis, flu and hay fever.

– Add a drop of eucalyptus to your skin cream, to assist with acne.

– Apply a few drops of eucalyptus to the bottom of the feet, or dilute and massage into the back to reduce fever.