Cassia Oil 15mL

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Cassia, a close relative of cinnamon, is notable for its wonderful fragrance. Cassia has been used for thousands of years for both its fragrance and calming properties.

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Cassia, a close relative of cinnamon, is notable for its wonderful fragrance.  Mentioned in the Old Testament, Cassia has literally been used for thousands of years, both for its fragrance and its calming properties.

Cassia essential oils are usually made from the dried bark, twigs and/or the leaves of the tree.  The aroma or flavor is similar to Cinnamon but not as intense or strong.  DōTerra Cassia comes from the family Lauraceae, grown in China and is distilled from the twigs and leaves of the tree.

Cassia is recommended for digestive problems including diarrhoea and constipation.  The typical recommendation is to add drops of oil to warm water with a sweetener and sip.  It is also recommended for colds, fevers and flu using difussion.  Another use mentioned is its help as a circulatory stimulant to help with arthritic or rheumatic pain.

Precautions:   Care should be taken with neat topical application as this oil can be a skin irritant for sensitive skin or sensitive areas.  Avoid using with infants and small children and dilute appropriately for those that may be more sensitive.  Consult professional advice before use by those who are pregnant or nursing mothers.

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