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    Clary Sage Oil 15mL

    Clary Sage is often a favorite essential oil for women. Not only does it have a history of being effective at overcoming or helping to relieve problems inherent to women… (PMS, menstrual cramps, and menopause) but many have found it very effective as a antidepressant, mood balancer, stimulant and aphrodisiac. Clary Sage is often found effective when applied with massage. Use a carrier oils for lubrication and apply to the lower back, bottom of the feet or ankles for women’s issues, depression, and balancing. Use similar techniques for balancing...

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    Coriander Oil 15mL

    This is another of the oils that has been well proven over time. It was used anciently by the Egyptians with some seeds being found in their tombs. The oil is extracted from the seeds yielding a light, almost colorless oil with a pleasant fragrance. This is in contrast to the crushed leaves of the plant which give a more pungent odor. Anciently, the favored property of the oil and seed was the aid that it gave in digestion. Other cultures used it as well for nausea and digestive...

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    Marjoram Oil 15mL

    The Romans knew marjoram as the ‘herb of happiness’; to the Greeks, it was the ‘joy of the mountains’.  Most well known as a culinary herb, marjoram also has some valuable medicinal uses. Marjoram is closely related to Oregano, and has similar properties.  However, it is most often thought of as a natural muscle relaxant, and is chosen to address such issues as sore muscles and joints, as well as sprains and back pain. For minor stomach complaints, like indigestion, stomach ache or constipation, you can drink 1-2 drops of marjoram oil, mixed with agave,...

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