Bee Sting

Try Roman Chamomile, Purify, or Basil
Apply a drop or two TOPICALLY to sting or bite several times daily until symtoms ease.

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    Purify Oil – Cleansing Blend 15mL

    Purify™ is a natural and refreshing way to quickly eliminate odours and other contaminates.  A surprisingly powerful essential oil blend from dōTERRA, it eradicates unpleasant odours and purifies the air and environment, without compromising the health of you or your family with synthetic chemicals.  Instead, it leaves the refreshing aroma of  lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca, and cilantro. Suggested Uses Diffuse in living areas and office to kill pathogens. Diffuse to strengthen the immune system. Use topically for people who work in or have spent time in hospitals or around people that are ill. Apply topically...

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    Roman Chamomile 5mL

    Roman chamomile oil has a warm, sweet scent that is relaxing and calming for both the mind and body.  Excellent for tension, it is great when added to massage oil such as [content_tooltip id=”932″ title=”Fractionated Coconut Oil”] for the relief of muscles after exercise. Widely used for its calming properties, this essential oil is especially soothing to body systems, and helps to support a healthy inflammatory response. The most versatile of the chamomiles, Roman chamomile oil is extracted from the small, white, daisy-like flower of the Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) plant.  Soothing to all types of...

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    Basil Oil 15mL

    Our Basil Oil is of the highest quality therapeutic grade, and is safe to ingest. Basil Oil is very relaxing and calming, working much better for reducing stress.  It also normalizes brain activity and neurotransmitter release. Basil oil (ocimum basilicum), as noted above, can be relaxing to muscles.  Strong and spicy, its aroma is invigorating to both the body and the spirit. Used topically, it is very beneficial for mental fatigue, helping to refresh the mind and restore mental alertness during times of fatigue. In massage, it can be relaxing to aching, exercise-strained...

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